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Our Services

Welcome to Curaty - Where Art Meets Social Impact

At Curaty, we believe that art is not only a form of expression but also a powerful instrument for social change. Our services are uniquely crafted to blend the art world's sophistication with a deep commitment to driving positive social impact. We curate and manage art collections, combining professional expertise with a socially conscious approach.


Collections Management

We offer comprehensive collections management services, ensuring the seamless day-to-day care and strategic development of your art collection. From cataloging and valuations to acquisitions and conservation, our team handles every aspect of managing your art collections.

Art Acquisition & Curation

Drawing on our extensive network and industry expertise, we guide you through purposeful and thoughtful art acquisitions. Our curation services are tailored to your preferences, aiming to enrich your collection with artworks that reflect your unique vision while supporting emerging artists and local creative communities.

Collection Publication & Exhibition

Transform your art collection into an immersive experience. Our team designs captivating publications, including coffee table catalogues and digital presentations, to communicate the essence and significance of your collection. Through curated exhibitions and displays, we breathe life into your space, fostering engagement and dialogue.

Socially Conscious Engagement

Engaging with your community, colleagues, and clients is pivotal to our ethos. We organize bespoke events, workshops, and exclusive art experiences to connect your art collection with a broader audience. By championing local arts communities, we create meaningful social connections and impact.

Conservation & Valuation

Ensuring the preservation and understanding of your artworks is at the core of what we do. Our conservation services guarantee the utmost care for your pieces, while our valuation process provides a nuanced understanding of your collection's worth, empowering informed decisions aligned with your financial and artistic goals.

Loan Management

Facilitation of temporary exchanges, from written agreements to the negotiation of logistics and insurance. Our inbound and outbound loans of artworks are managed with thorough attention to detail and security.

Artwork Sale & Donations

Navigating the realm of artwork sales and donations demands precision and strategy. We offer expert guidance in the nuanced process of deaccessioning or donating artworks, ensuring the process is seamless and aligned with your vision and values.

At Curaty, we strive to provide exceptional art advisory services that drives positive social change, transforming lives one artwork at a time.

Art is our passion, and we look forward to learning about how we can help transform your world through the 'Power of Art'. Contact us .