Eternal Beauty – Curaty

Eternal Beauty

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Eternal Beauty by Ashima Kumar 2022

72 x 51 cm

Mixed Media on Paper Unframed

Eternal Beauty depicts the profound connection between nature and women. At the centre of the painting, a graceful woman is enveloped by an ethereal sun aura, symbolising her deep connection to the natural world. Delicate lotus flowers embody the resilience and inner strength of women, while water emphasises their profound bond with the life-giving forces of the Earth. Crawlers symbolise growth and transformation, and a whimsical frog reinforces the theme of interconnectedness. The colour palette creates a serene atmosphere, evoking harmony and unity with the natural environment, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound relationship between women and the intricate tapestry of nature. Kumar uses ink, pen acrylic paints, gold leaf and digital rendering on high quality paper.