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The Art Connection - Creating Community Every Week

We are facing a time where we feel slightly lost, disconnected, isolated, and miss feelings of belonging. Working from home, social distancing, self-isolating, these have serious ramifications for our wellbeing.

We believe that one of the most powerful ways to create connection, community, and belonging is through art. We believe art creates connection. Art creates community.

Our vision is to create a world where everyone, every day can experience the power of art.

We've decided to bring the community to you, so you can experience the power of art from your home.

Each week, we'll be forming connections with artists through virtual studio visits, live Q&As, artist interviews for tips on creativity, sharing artist stories, and providing you with access to the works that these wonderful people create so that you can experience that connection and community in your home, every day.

Here's our weekly schedule:


Live Q&A with Artist

Join us on Instagram as we introduce our artist of the week for a live question and answer session! We'll be asking anything you've ever wanted to know about creating art, the life of an artist, and more! Want your question answered? Just ask!

Join us here


Virtual Studio Visit and Masterclass

Our most anticipated event of the week, the live virtual studio visit and masterclass gives you a chance to step into the studio of an artist, and see where the masterpieces are created. Explore the creative process, and get a look inside the minds of some of London's most brilliant early-career artists.

Join us here 


Creativity Tips and Interview

Join us on LinkedIn as we interview our artist of the week for their tips on how to be more creative at work. Art is more than just creation, it's engaging with the world around you. Join us here and discover tips from the world's most creative people.

Join us here 


Share Your Story

We'll be sharing the story of our featured artist on our blog. The life of an artist is challenging in ways that are much different than you may expect. But every artist has a unique story, a unique background that inspires and fuels their creative works. Discover that story here. 

Join us here


Explore the artwork

To end the week, we'll be showcasing the work of our artists on our site. These spectacular artists have spent the week sharing their stories, their space, their tips, and their hearts. Now, they share their works.

Explore the artwork here. 


Our vision is to create a world where everyone, every day can experience the power of art. 

This weekly plan is built to increase connection, community, and belonging for everyone, every day. To learn more about what we do, why we do it, or just get in contact, email us at, or check out our story here.


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