Curaty CEO Sneha Shah is listed as a pioneering leader in Inclusion &

Curaty CEO Sneha Shah is listed as a pioneering leader in Inclusion & Diversity by Yahoo Finance! & Involve - the inclusion people.

We are incredibly proud to share that our CEO Sneha Shah has been recognised as a leader in empowering women and championing inclusion and diversity within the workplace. A big thank you to the Curaty community for backing our vision, and to Yahoo Finance! and Involve - The inclusion people for the recognition. 

Sneha Shah

Founder & CEO

Over the last two years Sneha has built a database of over 3000 artists, 72% of which are female. She has created paid opportunities for female artists to show their work across the commercial sector, and curated an all-women exhibition of recent art-school graduates titled ‘Resilience’ in the prime location of Oxford Street. One service Sneha and her team launched for their art rental client businesses was curated collections of artwork for the walls of workplaces, commenting on the importance of diversity and inclusion. The artworks stood as a daily reminder to employees and visitors of the company's commitment towards this goal. Over 30,000 individuals have experienced, interacted and engaged with these exhibitions and art programs. Sneha has personally mentored over 40 female artists on their public image and on pricing their artwork, after it was proven discovered that female artists tend to undervalue their works in comparison to their male counterparts.

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