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Curating Creative Challenge

How art benefits our wellbeing and mental health?

Research shows that in general people think of art as a technique or creation of a specific finished product, mainly an expression of the outer world.

Art as a tool for exploring self-expression and, in doing so, find new ways to gain personal insight and develop new coping skills is not take seriously. Yes, we know what you're thinking, we're not happy about that as well, so we decided to change it! 

Investing a few minutes each day into creating art can help us to be more creative, relaxed and satisfied with our day and self-esteem.

Of course, there is much more to how the presence of art can be helpful! 
But for now, we'll stop here, and move on to today's task! We'll continue with juicy 'staff' tomorrow. 

22/04/2020 - Wednesday schedule 

Today's task is straightforward and fun!

It doesn't take much time as well, but remember; it is not a competition, take as much time as you need!
Be playful, experiment, don't overthink and most importantly don't stress about the result, be creative and stay open-minded!

Artist - Melissa H.
Artwork Image Credit: Artist Melissa H.

What you'll need?



1. Mix water, paint and dish soap (there are no specific measurements, but just to give you an idea:
Pour water first, add a few drops of soap so you'll be able to create bubbles and add as much paint as you wish - play with the intensity of the colour)

2. Place jar/cup in the center of the paper

3. Take a straw, put it inside the jar/cup and blow! You'll create bubbles that fall on the piece of paper, creating a unique painting. 

It is an excellent sensory and breathing exercise!


23/04/2020 - Thursday schedule 

You are going to love today's task!

Artwork by Michal R.
Artwork Image Credit: Artist Michal R.

What you'll need?



MIX olive oil with some yellow paint (it can be food colouring) and water with blue paint, pour it into the bottle.

Olive oil and water will be separated, but if you shake the container, liquids will mix into beautiful green colour and after few seconds separate again! 

Mix different colours, add rice, glitter, pompoms, sequins and scrapbooking decorations. To make them fall slower, it is worth adding glycerin to the water.

Remember there is nothing to stop you, so create your unique SENSORY BOTTLE! 



Sensory exercises relieve stress, improve concentration, can calm down and provide comfort.

Sensory bottles are fascinating and colourful; therefore using them is an excellent brain exercise, can improve well-being and productivity!

And do you know who should we thank?

The first person in Great Britain who referred to the therapeutic uses of art as art therapy was Adrian Hill (around 1940). But we shouldn't be grateful only to him. Names such as Edward Adamson, Margaret Naumburg, Edith Kramer and Hanna Kwiatkowska are widely known and admired in the world of art therapy. 

So where will you keep your sensory bottle from now on?

Do you already have a special place for it?


24/04/2020 - Friday schedule 

Unfortunately, today is the last day of our Creative Curation Challenge, BUT we are beyond happy that you decided to be a part of it!

The last challenge is fascinating! Why? Because you can create a unique 3D painting without any specialistic equipment.

Artwork by Aasiri W.
Artwork Image Credit: Artist Aasiri W.

What you'll need?



1. Mix these three ingredients and create the base mass for growing paint!

2. Add different colour of paint food colouring or chalk to the base mass!

3. And that's itYou can create your painting now!

4. Put the finished painting inside the microwave for 30S at 800W.

Be the witness of how paint dries, harden and float!


As you already may know, art therapy is very beneficial to us all.

Times we are living can be overwhelming, and creating art helps with overcoming that, not only mentally but physically.

Research shows various health conditions treated with art therapy, like breast cancer, heart diseases, personality disorders and many more!

We hope that after this challenge, you'll continue using art, as a tool for exploring yourself. 

If you would like to share with us your thoughts about this challenge, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Tell us how did you like exercises and additional information provided by us.

What did you like and what would you change? 

We hope that there are many more challenges in front of us, and we would use your feedback to improve them! 

But most importantly, we would like to know how did you feel during the exercises? Did the tasks bring you any comfort? 

Would you like to share your work with us?

Let's talk about that! Contact us at and share your thoughts with us!



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