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Calling all artists for the United Nations global challenge

Curaty is a community dedicated to artists because we believe talented artists can change the world.

We're calling on all artists to use their creative minds to create change!

"The United Nations (UN) needs your help in translating critical public health messages, into work that will engage and inform people across different cultures, languages, communities, and platforms. The shortlisted work will reach everyone, everywhere."

"We are living in unprecedented times. The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading and coordinating the global health response to coronavirus, helping to ensure all countries are ready to prevent, detect and respond to the pandemic. To be effective we need people everywhere to adopt public health precautions, act in solidarity, and prevent the spread of misinformation."

credit to UN artist Ello


    • "Use any creative medium to produce work that captures one of the coronavirus key messages below, in a clear, impactful and shareable way
    • Capture one of the UN key messages in your work:
      • Personal Hygiene
      • Physical Distancing
      • Know the symptoms
      • Kindness contagion
      • Myth-busting
      • Do more, donate
    • Find more information, inspiration and existing assets for each key message HERE
    • The UN needs a range of creative solutions to reach audiences across different age groups, affiliations, geographies and languages
    • Keep in mind that submitted work will be reviewed by the UN and considered for co-branding and distribution through UN and supporting platforms
    • By submitting your work to this brief you agree to grant the UN, all supporters and else anyone who wants to share this positive message, permission to use your work. Anyone who uses the work will be asked to credit the creator (but we cannot guarantee this)
    • Share your work on social, tag @WHO @UN @UnitedNations @Talenthouse and use the hashtags: #CovidOpenBrief #UNCovid19Brief #FlattenTheCurve #SafeHands #AloneTogether #ViralKindness #StopTheSpread #Coronavirus #Covid19"

    Visit the United Nations website here to submit your work and learn more about the competition!



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