ReOrientation 1 – Curaty

ReOrientation 1

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ReOrientation 1 by Maryam H.


59 x 84 cm 

Digitally manipulated photograph print.

Maryam's work often looks to deconstruct tropes of exotic. Textiles have become emblems of that "ethnic aesthetic" - burdened by the power they have to transform both domestic and commercial spaces whilst simultaneously being able to embody the idea of being an art object.

They also have rich checkered histories as objects of value traded across the world for centuries, their making and ownership seem abstract if not disparate. This work belongs to a series of print and installation works. This piece saw me shift material from woven to digital - testing how elastic both those modes were. Allowing me to rethink the visual language of traditional textiles, employing glitches through the moving lenticular image.

They involve re-imaging elements found in textiles from South Asia in a digital realm. The images experiment with existing carpet patterns; using the front and back of the carpets to fuse and form a lenticular image.

These images capture the complex modes of making . Rethinking each knot and stitch as a pixel. The patterns generated and distorted look to create portal-like spaces that are influx going through various stages of entropy and regeneration. Rethinking the weave as something that is constantly unravelling but also restoring itself is an ode to narrative based textile practices that have long informed and inspired my practice. The life span of textiles often outlive those that create and trade them as objects, they carry within them coded images and complex patterns and that withstand the test of time.