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"Process no. 4"

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"Process no. 4" by Lana M. 

Creation Year: 2021
Size: 60.0 x 50.0 x 3.0 cm

Mixed Media on Canvas  

Lana M. is a London based concept-driven abstract artist and art director creating mixed media paintings and sculpture. She embraces the transient and incomplete nature of art-making and seeks to expose the creative process as a practice of building/demolition and growth/erosion, as mirrored in urban spaces and nature.

"Process no. 4" is an artwork from the artists 'Process' series'. The 'Process' series is a meditation on the creative process: the intersection of concepts, the balance between chance and intention, expression and erasure, and the meandering of ideas. Often facilitating exploration and discovery, whilst obscuring the start and end points through an endless loop of revisitation and revision.

This artwork would give any home that modern edge, and it's definitely one of the mosts calming and relaxing artworks presented by Curaty. This would be a great artwork to try meditating with, give it a try by following these steps in our blog on "How to meditate with art"