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Nurture Nature

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"Nurture Nature" by Polly B. 


40 x 22 x 55cm 

Ceramic, wood and bamboo plant

Polly’s practice is an ongoing investigation into what it means to be human, reflecting on our relationship with both the natural world and technology. She is a 2020 Fine arts graduate from Polly’s work draws on the pursuit of purpose and belonging, addresses sociocultural contexts and inconvenient truths, whilst delving into the experience of living in a geological era shaped by humanity. Polly’s current practice involves sculptures, digital paintings, animations and photographic images.

Nature has the ability to recover after significant disturbances and changes. A survival instinct of adapting to thrive and survive.

‘Nurture Nature’ is a sculpture of two hands with Bamboo growing from the bottom through the palms. Although the hands were once an obstruction to the Bamboo, the plant continued to grow and they soon became a protector. Bamboo is an integral part to forests and ecosystems across the world, with many humans, animals and environments relying on it for survival.

This sculpture is a symbol for what we can become to nature and our environment. A protector and a nurturer. Although nature is resilient, it is facing an increasing battle of change due to anthropogenic effects. The rate that these changes are occurring means nature’s time is running out. ‘Nurture Nature’ is a call to action and is a plea for a more sustainable and green future.