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"The race"

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"The race" - by Stephanie H.
100x100 cm
Oil on canvas
In Stephanie's "Race," every figure is carefully positioned. Although tiny, they are immaculately detailed, almost sculptural. The artist's own fascination with the human silhouette and metropolitan life is on display. Each figure is in motion, they project the spirit of marathon day. We have the privilege of observing them from afar, in unison and what we see is a choreographed melody, runners interacting with spectators, a community coming together to celebrate. ⠀

The artist recommends standing afar and then squinting your eyes to get a feel of the picture through its colours and composition, enjoy the poetic movement of the crowds, then gradually drawn to the details of the figures.⠀
Want to dress your naked walls? Buy this artwork now. It will be available after its exhibition for delivery/pickup beginning 16th July.