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Let's Save the Planet

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"Let's Save the Planet" by Anna K. 


180 x 122 x 5 cm

Mixed media on Wood

Anna has always had a condition called Synaesthesia, which allows her to ‘see’ sound, smells, days of the week, numbers and letters in specific colours and shapes. Pursuing her further studies at Central Saint Martins, she decided to detour from the realism path and try to rather depict the ‘reality’ that she could ‘see’ in her mind. Getting inspired by urban culture, fashion and life itself, Anna started making abstract expressive works, freely incorporating various elements into those, such as text and found objects.

"Let's Save the Planet" is Anna's expression of the revolting damage we have caused to our environment, and is a call, alarm and reminder for us to take action in unity, together as a community before it really does become too late.