"Processing" - A textile exhibition – Curaty

"Processing" - A textile exhibition

This exhibition has been curated by art student and textile artist Kirstie P. (BA in Textile Design, University of Leeds - 2022) as part of Curaty's young curators programme - creating opportunities for students to gain first hand curatorial experience. 

"Processing" is an exhibition showcasing a group of textile artists who use intensive hand processes within their practice, it is a celebration of the skill involved in producing textiles. Historically textile art has been excluded from the fine art world, seen as women’s work or as craft and not art. Textile art forms have much to add to traditional fine art, and should be exhibited and held in the same regard. Each piece in the exhibition has been hand processed by the artist using skills and techniques which the have honed much like an oil painter masters their craft, countless hours have gone before these pieces and more will follow. 

Jess’ practice focuses on combining heritage craft techniques with contemporary sustainable processes to create unique textile outcomes. Often with over 40 hours of stitching time per piece, the closer you look at the intricate work of the artists hand the more you can appreciate the process involved. Jess creates pieces with a delicate organic flow to them which could offer a exciting contrast to the urban environment surrounding your space.

Ailsa’s series exhibited was created when the first lockdown meant she could no longer access her regular studio space, it led to her developing her hand knitting processes. Her countless hours of experimentation has led to a series of exciting compositions of texture and colour, all inspired by ceramic processes.

Kirstie uses stitch as mark making to create pieces inspired my the urban environment around her from the architecture to textures, incorporating untraditional elements like reflective threads or using words and phrases as part of the mark making. Kirstie’s processes create different line densities and textures that highlight the forms created.

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