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Melissa H.

"I have always been interested in the surface of the modern city and the kind of colours it generates, focusing on architectural lines, shapes and their colour palettes. It is important for me to capture ephemeral moments that others could overlook, drawing attention to objects and interesting forms."

For Melissa, geometric abstraction is a tool to create an experience that is simple at first glance but deepens, each time you look at it. The canvas depth allows the painting to carry on around the sides of the surface expanding beyond its two-dimensional qualities.

Each body of work offers a distinct palette based on actual geographic locations. These impressions of place can play with the viewer’s sense of visual recognition. They might trigger a memory or a feeling, making one nostalgic. Using a very systematic, and repetitive process, she captures a sense of order in the chaos. Paint is formulated through symmetry and kaleidoscopic forms using precision and balance.

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