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Inspiring Art Under £500

Welcome to Curaty's exclusive collection, 

Our curators have scavenged artist studios to create this exclusive collection of artworks under £500.00 that are guaranteed to brighten up your home or home office. 

Based on research of over 587 typical London apartments, we've shortlisted works that can emulate the effect of windows, sunlight, flora and fauna, with colours evoking relaxation, focus, balance and optimism.  
Each artwork is unique, carefully conceptualised and created by the artist. Did you know on average artists scrap over five works to get to the final piece that you see?
Every artwork on our website is a capsule of time, it captures the many moments of their life the artist spent conceptualising and deliberating the work you see before you. 
When you collect or rent a work from our artists you are championing and showing appreciation for that time and thought. Curaty artists are conceptual thinkers, experimental creators and are committed to the mastery of their skill and practice.
I hope you enjoy this carefully curated collection, put together for you.  
Thank you for joining our revolution of #NoNakedWalls and #ChampioningArtists with us,

Founder, CEO