"Framework" - a Virtual Reality Exhibition by Curaty – Page 2

"Framework" - a Virtual Reality Exhibition by Curaty

Curaty presents “Framework”, an exhibition that deconstructs, reconstructs, reflects and responds to architecture. Walking the streets through the pandemic, at leisure or for exercise, one witnessed architectural spaces that were designed and built to inhabit people left in a vacuum. Noah and Aasiri both draw inspiration from the buildings and cities that surround them, they process these cityscapes and the resulting artworks are a perspective that break the monotony of this urban space.

Noah is a British artist that works largely in the medium of photography, his “Cut” series reconstructs the forms of London’s most iconic brutalist architectural spaces into paper cut-outs that take on an almost sculptural form in 2-D.

Aasiri is a Sri-Lankan born, London based artist whose response to architectural spaces is emotional. She identifies with each space at a personal level, reflecting on memory, nostalgia, historical significance, personal experience. They are filtered and interpreted through concept, abstraction and colour through her work.

Together, within the VR architectural space their works become synonymous to a mise-en-abyme, one will experience spaces of familiarity but also disillusionment.

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