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Bartek in his favourite shisha bar in Warsaw

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"Bartek in his favourite shisha bar in Warsaw" - by Zula R.
Edition of 8 + 2 AP
29.7 x 42cm  
Bartek’s parents met in Poland, and he grew up in Poland and feels more Polish than Vietnamese, he says that his Vietnamese family calls him “Bartek”.  Bartek works as a designer and illustrator, but highlights that most Vietnamese people in Poland are not in creative industries and many still work in trade. When he visited Vietnam as a child, he often felt like a complete outsider and said” “I was conscious of my badly spoken Vietnamese and how different my clothes were to everyone around me. Growing up in Poland wasn’t always easy either, since racism in a monoethnic country is normal. People look at me and instantly put me in an Asian “box” or just reduce my identity to “that Vietnamese guy.” Through the window is an archival image which reads “Let the alliance, friendship and cooperation between the two nations, Poland and Vietnam, bloom”.