Anca S.

"I believe in the energy of colours, in the power of healing since each colour vibration opens channels of communication with the divinity and wholeness within." 

Anca S. is a painter in practice but philosopher in concept. She spends a lot of time questioning and contemplating life in all its highs and lows and tries to capture the vibrancy of what it really means to be alive. She's shown her work in biennale's, museums and won many awards and accolades. She is a graduate of National University of Arts – UNArte, Bucharest, Romania and is now based in London.

"Our thoughts and emotions are vibrations and just like the colours they are the universal language which everyone instinctively responds to.

When I create I am like in a dream state and I ideate not just objects to be looked at, but an extension of my inner state, an out of the body experience that will give to the viewer glimpses from another dimension… Paintings are solidified feelings on canvas and when the observer is looking at them the feeling is again motion, moving out from the painting into the beholder’s perception. I believe in this perfect continuum." 

Learn more about Anca's work, her story and visit her studio through our blog.