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Verses by light

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Verses by light by Aasiri W.
60x60x1 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Aasiri is a Sri Lankan born artist with a background in architectural studies and was an award winner at London's Art biennale 2019. Her practice involves consistent experimentation with different materials and is a reflection of her perception of different landscapes and spaces. She identifies with each space at an emotional level such as historical significance or personal experience and interprets it in a conceptual manner through her work. Aasiri's expertise as a colourist shines through her balance of using colour and negative space to create harmony within a composition. The coloured fragments in the composition are reflections on how each individual perceives the same view in different ways. This artwork is both uplifting yet calming, and is thus versatile. The balance of red and blue tones make it a great fit and conversation starter from boardroom to bedroom!